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South African Modernisms: Conversations

We are currently working on a new edited collection of essays entitled South African Modernisms. Below are voicenotes from contributors about their chapters-in-progress,

recorded in April 2024.

Rick de Villiers, ‘Against “messages”: Marlene van Niekerk and Modernist Ambivalence’

Marlene van Nierkerk and Autonomy
00:00 / 07:08

Matthew Eatough, ‘The Institutions of South African Modernism, 1920-1949’

Marta Fossati, ‘“Great and glittering cities”:
Rolfes and Herbert Dhlomo, New African Modernity, and Modernist Innovation’

Jade Munslow Ong, ‘Peripheral Realisms,
Friendship and Resistance in the Art and Writing
of Albert Adams and Richard Rive’

Sanja Nivesjö, ‘Liquid Modernism: Sexually Transmitted Infection in Literary Johannesburg’

Liquid Modernism
00:00 / 11:13

Peter Blair, ‘Flash Forms and Sudden Cities:
A Cross-Cultural Reading of Ivan Vladislavić’s Modernist Aesthetics’

Flash Forms
00:00 / 05:56

Russell Samolsky, ‘Wrestling with Death’

Howard J. Booth, ‘South Africa and the Foundation of Anglophone Modernist Literature’

Sean O’Toole, "Frankly Disgusting and Generally Nasty": Ambiguity and Antipathy to the Work of Irma Stern in Inter-War South Africa’

Panel: Matthew Eatough, Álvaro Luís Lima,
Rick de Villiers, Jade Munslow Ong

Panel: Marta Fossati, Sanja Nivesjö,
Sean O'Toole, Peter Blair

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